Unconfined by Convention
Solo exhibition of Studio Liam Mugavin
11.05.18 - 11.06.18

‘Unconfined by Convention’ is the inaugural solo exhibition by Studio Liam Mugavin presenting a collection of works exploring cultural and design narratives that reference themes of the home, domesticity and traditional Japanese aesthetics.The collection is an open edition and each piece is crafted using Douglas Fir timber, reclaimed from demolished heritage homes throughout Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. In coupling the use of revived local materials with learned Japanese wood-working techniques, Mugavin captures the dark historic patina of the timber within refined silhouettes. The dualistic external expression of the pieces pay reverence to the former structures from which they came, while remaining contemporary and relevant in their aesthetic.

Studio Bio
Studio Liam Mugavin is an Australian furniture and interior design practice based in Japan. With a background in Industrial Design and further training in furniture design at the Jam Factory in Adelaide, the practice was established in 2013. Materiality, craftsmanship, originality, subtlety, simplicity and elegant efficiency are the tenants that inform the practice.

The studio has been recognised in several significant design awards and won the Clarence Prize for Excellence in Furniture Design in 2015, one of Australia’s most significant furniture design award. The studio has completed several noteworthy commissions including two interior design projects in Barangaroo featuring entirely custom furniture and a project for the Australia House in Japan, commissioned by the Australian Embassy of Tokyo. At the end of 2017 the practice relocated to Japan to focus on current projects both in Japan and Australia.