Blakebrough+King (b+k) have produced a catalogue of unique products in their design practice since their formation in 2006. Their practice marries Ben Blakebrough’s skills as a master metal smith and engineer (a flight engineer) with Sarah K’s background in Architecture, filmmaking and curation. The workshop they built to create their work is located in the Southern Highlands of NSW. From there, they produce a wide-range of furniture, lighting and tableware, and also take on commissions for architectural and landscaping projects.

All works in the (b+k) collection are finely crafted with a careful attention to the finish. There is no mass production – everything is made by hand in an approach that is akin to a jewellers’, with an effort to blend a clean aesthetic with a sense of the maker’s presence in the piece.

A surreal, sculptural quality pervades the work; chairs that look like they have just wandered into the room, drawers whose handle could be a man’s profile, objects whose negative space is as important as what is present.

(b+k) are represented through supercyclers at 19 Greek St in Soho, London.