London based Danish designer Nina Tolstrup founded Studiomama in 2000. True to Nina’s Scandinavian roots, simplicity and integrity are the trademarks of her design; a pared-down, contemporary but characterful aesthetic combined with a democratic belief in good design for all go a long way to explaining the timeless and unpretentious qualities of the studio’s work. But whilst Studiomama’s work can be simple, honest and minimal it is always playfulness, irreverent and humorous.

Studiomama has pioneered open source by pushing the limits of material recycling, extending product life and exploring new forms of up cycling, whilst simultaneously challenging conventional business models and distribution methods

Nina’s curiosity for new challenges has led to an incredibly diverse portfolio (furniture, electronic products, jewelry, glassware, exhibition-design, NGO collaborations, interior and architectural projects), all realized via novel processes, technologies and materials. Studiomama’s passion for variety gives her an extraordinary broad perspective evidenced in a daring, influential and socially relevant portfolio.

Inquisitive, articulate and thoughtful, her inherent tendency to question the obvious and interrogate the prescribed has been professionally honed through working as a journalist, photographer and trend consultant, as well as a curator, teacher and retailer. Marry this with the continuous observation of the daily life and people around her, particularly drawing inspiration from the multi-cultural society on her doorstep in London’s East End, and the result is work informed by, and responsive to, the real world – an awareness that has resulted in projects like pallet project that is egalitarian, socially responsible going beyond the rarified object and thinking about supply chain, procurement and product afterlife in a refreshing and exemplary way…..

Prior to establishing Studiomama, Nina worked as a freelance designer in the fields of conceptual and product design, in Denmark where she held the role of design manager for Eleven Danes covering graphic, interior and product design and elsewhere in Europe where she trained as a designer at the prestigious Les Ateliers (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle) in Paris and has a BA in Marketing from the Business School in Copenhagen.

Nina is a consulting professor at the London branch of Syracuse University, curator of the Danish Craft. Most recently she sat on the selection panel for the Design Museum’s Designers in Residence program.